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Anat Cohen - Poetica (CD, Album)

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It offers the alegria happiness of the samba, nostalgia, saudade longing , groove, and high energy. It requires constant interaction and allows for improvisation. It has all the important elements I think great music should have, and requires true dedication to learn to play it authentically. Anat currently leads a young quartet with guitarist Gilad Hekselman, bassist Eduardo Perez, and drummer Ferenc Nemeth.

Her playing and studying of a wide range of musical styles has culminated in her finding her own distinctive musical voice. On Poetica, she plays exclusively clarinet, joined throughout by a rhythm section consisting of pianist Jason Lindner, bassist Omer Avital, and drummer Daniel Freedman, and on four tunes by a string quartet.

For her CD Noir, she frames sparkling inventions on tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, and clarinet with an unconventionally configured ensemble - three woodwinds, three trumpets, two trombones, three cellos, and a guitar-bass-drums-percussion rhythm section, for which Oded Lev-Ari, a high school classmate, provides fresh, originally textured arrangements. Anat approaches everything she plays with deep scholarship and a profound quality of soul.

She loves to make music, and while she is a physically expressive player, her moves, like her music, are a true reflection of what she feels. Jazz This Week: Greater St. Anzic Records Location: New York City. Instrument: Saxophone, tenor. Management: International Music Network. Start your music shopping from All About Jazz and through our retail affiliations you'll support us in the process.

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Both albums appeared on many year-end best of lists, including those of JazzTimes , Slate and Paste magazines. In , Anat became the first Israeli to headline at the Village Vanguard, the setting for perhaps the most celebrated live recordings in jazz history; the occasion yielded the release Clarinetwork: Live at the Village Vanguard , which captured the leader paying tribute to Benny Goodman and leading a hard-swinging combo with all-stars Benny Green, Peter Washington and Lewis Nash.

We have such history together that we feel each other through the music. Anat is a fixture on the New York scene at such clubs as Birdland, starring in a recent tribute to the music of Django Reinhardt there, among much else.

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Recording of April Afterimage. Recording of March Who. JA on Loudspeaker Measurements. Recording of February Farinelli. Records to Die For We have a sextet. And we were invited to play in Brazil. And we love - we all love Louis. And we said, OK. We're each going to make some arrangements and something else, different angle of Louis Armstrong stuff that he recorded. And I chose "Tiger Rag" because it's just such a traditional song.

And it's - I realized that it's really playful. You can get to give it a little bit of, like, Klezmer feel. And I was really trying to go from a little, like, one big Egyptian orchestra moment and to traditional New Orleans feeling, to Bayonne feeling, northeast of Brazil, and kind of tried to make it really playful because this song has traditionally been taken really, really seriously, and it was always a real cutting competition between musicians.

So I was just trying to have some fun with it. She's featured on clarinet on this. And it's from the 3 Cohens' album "Family. The latest 3 Cohen CD is called "Tightrope. She's an Israeli clarinetist, saxophone player, and composer who now lives in New York and has become prominent in American jazz.

GROSS: Now, you said you want to bring music from different parts of the world together in your playing, and you've done that.

You've played, you know, like, all kinds of jazz. You've played traditional Israeli songs. You've played a lot of Latin music, a lot of Brazilian music, in particular.

It has a string quartet in it, and it's a very traditional song. It has a little bit of the Klezmer, the crying clarinet sound that I definitely connect with. And when I was doing this album, I was looking for sounds that the clarinet, you know, music, melodies that I feel comfortable expressing. That I grew up with, that are just a part of me, that I don't have to try and understand, that I can just be and live inside them.

And "Nigunim" is just one of those melodies. It's just, you know, you will hear it. So this is "Nigunim" from Anat Cohen's album "Poetica," with Anat Cohen featured on clarinet and a string quartet with an arrangement by the bass player, Omer Avital. She grew up in Tel Aviv, and has lived in the U. So did cantors have an influence on you? And for people who don't know what cantors are, they're the people who sing the prayer in synagogue.

Cantors have an influence on anybody that listens that is there. Because here is someone that is speaking out of their hearts and using one single melody, and all they do is find a way to express it in the most heartfelt way.

And as a jazz musician, or as any musician, of course it would have an influence. I mean, that's what I try to do when I play music, when I play any music, when I play a cadence at the end of a song and I just - you know, you want to take one note and make it meaningful. And when you hear a cantor, if they're doing it right, you're going to be so moved. So, yes. COHEN: I can't really talk about any specific melody that influenced me, but that minor sound and those ornaments, you know, like something Or maybe you could demonstrate the kind of ornament you're talking about.

COHEN: So without those little ornaments, without those like - without those - oy - parts of the melody So - and I just assume - you know, it's not something I deliberately put in the music. It's a lot of things that I do are things that are a part of me that one day, I say, wait a second.

Here is where it comes from. But it wasn't an intentional - I didn't - intentional process. I didn't mean to be influenced by a cantor and say, OK, I'm just going to imitate a cantor. But, you know, it's just there. More after a break. Her latest album, recorded with her two musician brothers, is called "Tightrope. GROSS: One of the things I love about your music is that, you know, it's very influenced by some of the, you know, Israeli and Jewish music that you grew up with but it's also so influenced by, like, early jazz and more contemporary jazz and Latin music.

I mean, I think it's great that your music is steeped in your own roots, but it's not limited to that. So when you started to play Latin music, and you play so much of it, were there things you had to learn that you didn't already know? Did it introduce you to new rhythms that have become a part of you, or just new melodic twists?

And if so, is there something you can illustrate for us on your clarinet? First, the main thing is the clave, this mysterious word that everybody's talking about, the clave, and you cannot cross the clave.

Biography. Cohen began playing clarinet and saxophone, and in studied at the Berklee College of faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo has also recorded with her brothers Avishai Cohen (trumpeter) and Yuval Cohen (alto and soprano saxophonist).. Her debut album, Place & Time, featuring Jason Lindner, Ben Street, Jeff Ballard, and Avishai Cohen, was released in on Anzic Records.

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  1. Net says:
    Anat Cohen, Category: Artist, Albums: Live in Healdsburg, Outra Coisa: The Music of Moacir Santos, Rosa Dos Ventos, Alegria Da Casa, Luminosa, Top Tracks: Putty Boy Strut, “O Ocidente que se Oriente”, Mumurando, La Vie en Rose, And the World Weeps, Biography: Israeli-born saxophonist, clarinetist, and flutist Anat Cohen is an adroit jazz musician with a bent toward sophisticated post-bop.
  2. Gall says:
    Apr 25,  · Anat Cohen: Poetica. Updated April 25, – By Chris Kelsey. Anat Cohen. The album’s jazz content is, however, overshadowed by the inclusion of a classical string quartet, playing Avital’s finely crafted arrangements. Included in the repertoire is a version of John Coltrane’s “Lonnie’s Lament,” a pair of Cohen originals, and.
  3. Tolrajas says:
    Poetica Buy album $ Anat Cohen. $ I like. Tweet; Please vote. Add to bookmarks Duration: Discography of Anat Cohen. Luminosa Anat Cohen; Claroscuro Anat Cohen; Noir (With The Anzic Orchestra) Anat Cohen; Burn CD Burn your music and enjoy it everywhere. iPod compatible All tunes are perfect for iPod.
  4. Vudonos says:
    Aug 07,  · The jazz clarinetist and saxophonist Anat Cohen comes from Israel, studied and lives in the Northeastern U.S., and maintains a deep affinity for Brazilian music. Specifically, she's a specialist.
  5. Nalrajas says:
    Additionally, her albums Noir and Poetica appeared on many year-end best-of summary lists. This is Ms. Cohen’s second appearance at LJF. Share. Translate: [gtranslate] clarinet, quartet. About the artists. Anat Cohen. Other performances from these artists. Anat Cohen Quartet. Anat Cohen Quartet.
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    Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Poetica - Anat Cohen on AllMusic -
  7. Tagrel says:
    Until the release of her album, “Poetica,” Cohen usually performed just one song on clarinet at her concerts and the rest on tenor sax. But “Poetica” was an all-clarinet affair.
  8. Tazil says:
    Poetica by Anat Cohen, released 03 April 1. Agada Yapanit (A Japanese Tale) 2. Hofim (Beaches) 3. The Purple Piece 4. Eyn Gedi 5. La Chanson Des Vieux Amants 6. Lonnie’s Lament 7. Quando Eu Me Chamar Saudade 8. La Casa Del Llano 9. Niguneem Cypresses Joined by a quartet of downtown Manhattan jazz luminaries (pianist Jason Lindner, bassist Omer Avital, drummer Daniel Freedman) .

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